There are two ways to move users from one group to another. 

1. Through mass actions as administrator

  • Sign in to your TalentCards account as an Administrator.
  • Go to Users (1).
  • Select the users you want to perform a mass action on (2) 
  • Click on the triple-dot icon (3) and from the dropdown list, select Copy to group (4).
  • Select the target Group (5) to copy the selected users to another group. 
  • Click Copy (6) to finish your action.

2. By sharing the group code to your learners

Τo add the users of a group to another group, you have to provide them with the new Group code so that they can register. Alternatively, you can invite them to the new group by email, as described in this article.

Either way, users need to go to App > Profile > Switch (1) and enter their new Group or unique identifier code by clicking on the Sign in to another group option (2). From then on, they are signed in to both groups on one device, and they can switch groups at any moment through their profile.

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